GV Lawyers provides a personal and efficient level of service at competitive rates tailored to each client's individual needs.

In our experience many people find themselves with a more complicated legal problem by not seeking legal advice at an early stage.  We are happy to provide either preliminary or specific legal advice on any situation which can be as limited or detailed as required depending on the circumstances.

Our team has proven experience in litigation before Australian Federal and State Courts, in arbitration and proceedings before various tribunals and in investigations by regulatory and government bodies.
We are happy to give pre-estimates of our costs and where possible, even agree to a fixed fee in advance.  We are also happy to explain how our fees are calculated at the outset of the matter.

GV Lawyers has one of the most highly respected commercial litigation teams in Perth due to our extensive experience on a wide range of matters and proven results.

We have dealt across a comprehensive range of cases from simple ‘black/white’ situations through to extremely intensive, large scale litigation involving complex legal and ethical issues compounded by vast amounts of documentary evidence.

Through this experience we have developed a commitment to accountability, confidentiality, flexibility and the ability to meet onerous time limits whilst ensuring the best possible result for our client.

In addition to practicing litigation in all our fields of expertise listed here on the website we also have dealt with contractual disputes, partnership and property disputes, trade practices, tax litigation, insolvency and recovery litigation, trust disputes and breaches of fiduciary duty, director's duties, probate and testator's family maintenance actions, professional negligence and defamation.

GV Lawyers paramount objective is to provide legal advice with a clear understanding of the business objectives and commercial issues confronting our clients.

We provide innovative, strategic advice in all areas of commercial law. Some of these areas include business purchases [and due diligence], securities, company law, consumer credit law, mergers & acquisitions, takeovers, partnerships, retirement villages, floats and competition law.

In our holistic approach we like to establish a complete relationship with the client to ensure the long term success for their business.

The drawing up of a Will is just one part of the estate planning process. The main aim is to convert your wishes in protecting yourself and your family into an effective legal structure. A variety of tools are at our disposal to achieve this including powers of attorney, testamentary trusts, family trusts and other legal entities.

You may elect to have us as your independent executor of your Will. In such case we will do all drafting and lodgement for probate with the Supreme Court, protect your assets against claims, process payment of liabilities and distribute funds to your beneficiaries as per instructions.

We offer a complementary safe custody service to store your Will and on your death, notify your legal representatives of the location of the will.

We are more than happy to discuss these matters in the comfort of your home or make a visit to a hospital, nursing home or arrange for you to visit our office at your convenience.

GV Lawyers proudly provides full legal support to Allawdocs, an online national legal documentation and advisory service. Allawdocs prepares a variety of legal documents such as company registrations, discretionary trust and self-managed super funds. The service is predominantly used by accountants, financial planners and other law firms outsourcing their documentation needs. Please see for further information.
With ever increasing urban density strata issues are becoming more and more prevalent. We are seeing concerns arising over building defects, management rights, strata community disputes and the application of by-laws and rules. GV Lawyers can handle all these matters and can represent the lot owners [apartment owners], owner corporations and strata managers.
The sale and purchase of land or a business is a complex and very important series of legal transactions. GV Lawyers can help in the process by assisting in the drafting of the contracts and attending to settlement when the legal obligations of title transfer and exchange of money takes place.

Whether you are a managing a strata building or manufacturing industrial goods an unfortunate fact is that at some stage you will face the issue of outstanding debts. Seeking advice from a seasoned commercial team will allow you to minimise any potential loss and allow you to take action to retrieve what is rightfully yours.

Firstly, with the Personal Property Securities Registration Act coming into effect in early 2012 it is essential that you have your Terms of Trades on your invoices/service agreements reviewed and potentially updated to ensure it complies with the new laws. If your terms are uncompliant you risk losing your ability to pursue the return of the goods or payments for services in the event of insolvency. You can also utilise the update to include a debt recovery clause which will allow you to pursue the debtor for some [and potentially all] of the debt collection costs.

Secondly, GV lawyers can assist you in making an unemotional, commercial decision in what action you elect to take with regard to the debt. This may be a combination of issuing letters of demand, contacting the debtor and court proceedings.

GV Lawyers offers a full suite of services in relation to commercial, government, retail and residential property. We can assist from the initial stages such as environmental planning, heritage aspects, subdivision applications and the acquisition of the asset through to the development, funding, construction and eventual sale.

Furthermore whether you are purchasing or selling we can process and attend your settlements on any type of property or business.

The commercial team at GV Lawyers has a comprehensive understanding of financial and banking matters. Our integrated approach allows us to negotiate arrangements, draft any necessary documentation and execute said transactions.

These transactions include corporate finance, trade finance, management buyouts, leveraging of assets, capital market interactions, project financing and corporate restructuring.

Sustaining an injury can be an extremely emotional trying event. On top of the potential physical and physiological issues you may be restricted in your ability to earn an income. At GV Lawyers we guide you through the process to explore if financial compensation is available to you.

In its simplest form law is in place to ensure ‘everyone has to take care not to hurt other people’, if they don’t and depending on the circumstances they may be financially liable. Some of the more common claims we deal with include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents [even if the accident was partly your fault]
Workers' Compensation [ongoing pay and lump sum payouts]
Occupiers' Liability [such as accidents at shopping centres, airports etc]
Product Liability [ie defective article, whether it was purchased by you or not]
Medical Negligence [doctors, physiotherapists, and other medical professionals]
Industrial Accidents [mining, machinery, factories etc]
Criminal Injuries Comp [Injured during the course of a crime {even if no-one was convicted}]

No matter what the allegation potential prosecution in a criminal matter is not a trivial event. The importance of involving legal representation at an early stage cannot be understated. GV Lawyers offers professional legal advice and representation in all criminal law matters, including police interviews, investigations, commissions of inquiry and trials and appeals in the Supreme, District, Childrens and Magistrates Courts throughout Western Australia.

The team at the firm will keep you abreast of the progress of your case and your rights and options underneath the law. We can assist in all criminal matters including manslaughter, murder, criminal confiscation and grevious bodily harm.

In many cases, commercial disputes should be resolved by mediation rather than litigation. We understand that the time and cost issues involved in the litigation process may often have a drastic personal impact on the people involved. This is especially relevant for directors and officers of companies as it can directly affect the day to day activities of running a business. Taking into account these potential time and cost savings mediation frequently produces a far better result for the client. With its considerable exposure to dispute resolution and mediation practices GV Lawyers can manage the process on your behalf.

There are a number of potential factors which can result in a Will being contested. Factors such as the financial needs of the family members, whether there are dependants who relied on the deceased for support and the mental capacity of the deceased when they drafted the Will.

The experienced practitioners at GV Lawyers can assist both those wanting to contest a Will, and those wishing to defend it.

With Director Pino Monaco a board member of the Housing Industry Association [HIA], GV Lawyers has particularly in-depth understanding of the building industry. We can assist you in an advisory capacity in relation to building and engineering contract work, and act on your behalf for any potential disputes and resolution, both through arbitration and court proceedings.

The State Administrative Tribunal [SAT] deals with a broad range of administrative, commercial and personal matters. GV Lawyers have a very good understanding of the SAT procedures and are able to provide timely and affordable representation.

We can represent your legal interests in SAT in relation to guardianships, planning disputes, occupational compliance, strata title disputes, commercial tenancy and building disputes.

Since starting in the 1970’s with the introduction of American Fast Food chains franchising has continued to grow in Australia and now employees an estimated 798,000 people. GV Lawyers legal expertise in this discipline is relevant for both the franchisors and franchisees.

For franchisors we provide advice on systems development, disclosure requirements, trade mark protection, regulatory requirements and enforcement issues.

In regards to franchisees the firm can assess and provide advice regarding purchases of existing franchises or new franchises, and the potential contractual obligations that stem from that transaction.

In the intellectual property [IP] field quality, proactive advice is vital to maintain your competitive edge and protect your discoveries. GV Lawyers can advise you on such matters as patents, trademarks, design, confidentiality agreements and licensing.

We have also supported our clients in the registration, commercialisation and protection [ie prosecution and enforcement] of their IP rights.

The modern workplace in an arena in which the law is constantly developing. This dynamic context demands dynamic legal advice, tailored to the needs of the relevant industry, thereby ensuring that our clients have every opportunity to meet their commercial objectives.

We cover a wide range of issues such as interpretation of awards, unfair dismissal, workplace restructuring, redundancies, employment contracts and termination of employment.

Furthermore the team is fully accessible to discuss equal opportunity matters [ie discrimination, sexual harassment, etc], occupational health & safety and the defence of employers facing potential prosecution.

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