Occupational health and safety cases

by admin gvlawyers | Jun 12, 2012
Some recent court cases heard on OH&S matters



A worker who assumed that particle board in a void on the first floor of a building being constructed at Scarborough was supported by scaffolding, was seriously injured when it gave way under his weight.  The Perth Magistrates Court was told that the scaffolding had been erected inside part, but not all of the void.  The remainder of the void was covered by particle board not supported by scaffolding. 


The worker fell 2.7 metres onto a ground floor concrete slab, fracturing his skull, ribs, spine and shoulder.


On a plea of guilty to failing to provide a safe work environment and causing serious harm to the worker, a fine of $22,000.00 was imposed.






Four labourers had to run for their lives when four tilt up concrete panels collapsed on a home building site in Perth’s Newcastle Street.The workers had removed six temporary braces causing the panels to fall into the stairwell area of the four-storey building.


The court was told that the panels had not been inspected to ensure it was safe to remove the braces.


The builder pleaded guilty of failing to ensure that the removal of the bracing was in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard and was fined $15,000.00 in the Perth Magistrates Court.


The supervisor on the construction site was last year fined $6,000.00 over the incident.




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